Thursday, January 13, 2011


middle of the night
again waking up alone
wishing you to be
lying beside and holding close

every night
thesame old thing
i wake up
to a nightmare from a dream

i wish you were here
when i sleep i wish it rue
but then i wake to see
i'm still here, in solitude- without you

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

no effort needed it seems

its so easy what you do to me
you turn me on effortlessly
my insides flare up like a fire
send my sould up even higher
no one moves me like you do
it seems to me
you can plainly see
that honey i'm stuck on you

your eyes hold my gaze
and draw me even nearer
those arms they hold me close
and let me know
i've got nothing to fear

a calm falls over me
laying here on your chest
listening intently to your heartbeat
silence falls to all the rest

you have a way with me
something still to me unknown
regardless of how much i know
in me it contuinues to grow
somewhat stronger everyday
fed by your words, your kiss, embrace
your building a room inside of me
thats only just your space

i'm falling plain to see
anyone can see its true
and i hope the falling never stops
as long as the falling is with you

great pretender

i smile while i'm dying
and laugh while inside i cry
so no one sees how hurt i am
i hide my pain and lie

i say that i'm not angry
for all you put me through
i think i'm strong- strong enough to hold on
to this bind that holds my heart to you

you've crushed down my spirit
and broke my heart in two
my soul is bandage covered
my mind severely bruised

its sick i know, but for now
i'll still be standing here
to make you happy by faking mine
and be your great pretender dear


Loving you from a distance
Keeping all of it inside
Emotions remain bottled up
All of it needs to hide

Buried under layers
That cannot be brought above
Must be kept below the surface
No one can know its love

The secret eats at all of me
Festering 'round my heart
The only ones that i may tell
Are the the distant nightime stars

Dreaming of the day the rooftops can be my stage
And the world can hear my cries
When holding hands and soft kisses fall
In front of everybody's eyes

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i'll drink to this

give me a long tall glass of yesterday
with a fresh squeeze of what used to be
rim the glass with memory
and let me drink it down
like a sweet summer tea

throw in some ice
one cube for every year
to make it ice cold
like a favorite beer

at last garnish it
with a kiss
a toast to an old romance
cheers, i'll drink to this

texas night train

your whistle blows out to me
echoing so hauntingly
solitary travels on a single path you roam
where your engine rests
is your temporary home

texas night train
i can hear you, hear you calling
at times i swear
i can hear my name
callin to me for some company
hear it blow my texas night train

such a burden that you carry
all that weight from town to town
not lookin back once
never backin down

as tough however you appear
your cry blows your disguise
for your whistle is loud and lonely
enough to pierce the midnight skies


its so late
so late there is no time
so late even the stars have no light left to shine
my company's and empty glass
and an empty bottle of wine

a quiet dark surrounds me
like covers i can't kick off
my only beacon, like a lighthouse on the sea
is the bluescreen on my TV

no pictures on it, no changing scene
no sound, no song
it sits alone as i am

its quite fitting its color- blue
no other color stands for somber like it does

i think its missing its news and music videos
those things bring it to life, give it meaning
as you do to me
i miss you

i could turn it off and put
the blue screen out of its sadness
but then share my solitude with who
so me and the blue screen will stare some more
maybe i'll fall to sleepon your pillow